Boilers, our job since 1906

Our dedication to work and meticulousness have strong roots in our past. A knowledge obtained through hundreds of important supplies, specifically those related to our rental activity.

Pedrizetti's individual firm plate

The progenitor company was established in 1906: it was named after the founder Giuseppe Pedrizetti and it developed an activity of installing and walling boilers, building and repairing furnaces and chimneys. After almost forty years the technical progress decreed the forsaking of monumental boilers partially constituted by large structures made of refractory and insulating brickwork.

The firm, which in the meantime expanded its workforce engaging more than sixty employees, many of whom were mechanics and welders of great experience, set up its own activity of building new devices with a reduced size and an enhanced efficiency.

Pedrizetti's employees at work

The traditional hand-crafted method of laying radial bricks for the construction of chimneys got replaced by the use of monolithic structures of reinforced concrete or the use of steel smokestacks composed by flanged trunks.
All of this required the company to adapt to the new field and to consequently improve the technical branch.

Meanwhile, in 1945, other partners, who were initially just employees of the individual firm, joined the founder to constitute the limited liability company CO.S.PE. - COstruzioni Specializzate PEdrizetti (Pedrizetti’s specialized constructions) - later simply named COSPE for the sake of brevity.

After a few years of a successful apprenticeship in a shed rented in Milan, the partners decided to build and equip a workshop of their own in the same city.

Milan’s plant - External

In December 1952, from the plant based in via Pareto 16 - Milan, the first fire tube boiler came out.
Later the building was expanded to make room for the technical and commercial departments.

Milan’s plant - Internal

In 1994 the workshop and the technical office were moved to the plant located in Taino (VA), formerly assigned as a warehouse and for the maintenance of the boilers to be rented and currently the registered office of the company.

Over the years we chose to transfer the experience gained in hundreds of supplies - particularly those from the rental business - to the design, the manufacturing and the installation of machines and plants.

A boiler under construction

In this strict test bench for our generators the primary need for the customers has always been the maximal and continuous reliability of our services, while our profit came from the efficiency and durability of the equipment rather than from a low production cost.

That same standard determined a careful selection of the best subcontracting components and allowed us to offer extensive guarantees on all the following products:

Monobloc structure Cospe boiler suitable for outdoor installations
  • Three pass fire tube steam and superheated water boilers, the firt pass in the furnace and the subsequent ones in the tubes, with a water submerged reversal chamber (wetback), a saturated steam production ranging from 500 to 18'000 kg/h, powers from 350 to 12'500 kW and special manufacturing of monobloc stuctures suitable for outdoor installations.

  • Recovery boilers, powered by non-fossil fuels, economizers and other pressure equipments.

  • Steel smokestacks with insulating and anti-acid internal coating.

Due to market reasons, for a few years now, we have decided to cease our construction activity to focus on the boiler rental business, the maintenance and the refurbishment of steam generators.