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Boilers for hire
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Boilers. Our job since 1906Boilers. Our job since 1906New and bargain boilersNew and bargain boilersBoilers for hire with power from 1 to 9 MWBoilers for hire with power from 1 to 9 MW
COSPE s.r.l.

Head office:
via Maffini 4
21020 Taino (Va), Italy
tel. +39 0331 956188
telefax +39 0331 957400

via della Novella 8
21020 Taino (VA), Italy

Registered office:
via Pareto 16
20156 Milano, Italy


Boilers for hire

Unit producibility from 1'500 to 14'000 kg/h, maximum service pressure of 24 bar.
We have at our disposal thirty boilers we designed and built for temporary supplies on hire.
The project takes into account the following requirements of primary importance:

Cospe s.r.l. - 20230326
Cospe s.r.l. - 20230326
Monobloc structure suitable for outdoor installations without any protection, easy to handle whether lifted by a crane or mounted on a trailer.

Minimization of accessories and components not installed and connected in the block of the boiler container.

Maximum priming for easy assembling of the parts shipped detached.

Maximum flexibility of use: possibility to deliver hot or super heated water (power from 1 to 9 MW) and steam at low pressures, choice of liquid and gaseous fuels.

Highly qualified support at start-up and during exercise. Spare parts availability in warehouse or on the place of installation.
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Steam boiler renting with power from 1 to 9 MW