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COSPE s.r.l.

Head office:
via Maffini 4
21020 Taino (Va), Italy
tel. +39 0331 956188
telefax +39 0331 957400

via della Novella 8
21020 Taino (VA), Italy

Registered office:
via Pareto 16
20156 Milano, Italy


Prehistory and history

In 1906 the progenitor company was established: it was named after the founder Giuseppe Pedrizetti and it developed an activity of installing and walling boilers, building and repairing furnaces and chimneys.
After almost forty years the technical progress decreed the relinquishment of monumental boilers partially constituted by large structures made of refractory and insulating brickwork.

The firm, that expanded in the meantime up to engaging more than sixty employees, many of whom were mechanics and welders of great experience, set up its own activity of building the new devices with a reduced size and an enhanced efficacy.
Even in the construction of chimneys the traditional hand-crafted method of laying radial bricks got replaced by the use of monolithic structures of reinforced concrete or the use of steel smokestacks composed by flanged trucks. All of this required the company to adapt to the new field and to consequently improve the technical branch.
Cospe s.r.l. - 20230326
The founder meanwhile got joined by other partners, already employees of the individual firm, to constitue in 1945 the limited liability company CO.S.PE. - COstruzioni Specializzate PEdrizetti (Pedrizetti's specialized constructions) - later briefly named COSPE.

After the success of a few years of apprenticeship in a shed rented in Milan, the partners decided to build and supply in the same city a workshop of their own.
The first smoke tube boiler came out in december 1952, from this milanese site in via Pareto 16.
Later the building was extended to make room for technical and commercial offices.
The latter, along with the registered office, it's still at the same address.
Since 1994 the production and the technical office have been moved to the plant in Taino (VA), previously and still nowadays used as a deposite and for maintenance of boilers assigned to renting.

Cospe s.r.l. - 20230326

Cospe s.r.l. - 20230326
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Boilers and special constructions since 1906